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Information about Attorney Carl E. Person

College and Law School

Harvard Law School, LLB; and Long Island University, BA

Decades of Business Experience

I, Carl Person, have been engaged in business and the running of my own businesses (including my practice of law) for 50+ years. There is a difference between receiving a paycheck and being responsible for seeing that there are sufficient funds to provide regular paychecks to others. This difference enables me to understand many of the problems being experienced by prospective clients, mainly because I have already dealt with many of such problems myself, and have already thought through some of the ways to deal with such problems. You may be interested in 26 insights I have concerning foreclosures and loan modifications, which could help you save your home or represent someone trying to save his/her home. Click on 26 Foreclosure Secrets

How to Cancel Your Student Loans, if You Were Defrauded

I have a unique background:

  1. I paid off my student loans, when the amounts borrrowed was far less;
  2. I am a lawyer whose main activity is commercial litigation (which includes litigation relating to loans);
  3. I set up, owned, managed and taught various courses in a post-secondary school for 18 years;
  4. My school was the recipient of student loan proceeds as well as guarantor of the student loans;
  5. I sued and obtained a cancellation of student-loan obligations; and
  6. I have produced various YouTube videos on cancelling student loan obligations and wrote and published an ebook explaining how to get rid of unwanted debt.

If you are interested in the possibility of getting rid of your student loans, please click on How to Cancel Your Student Loans Based on a Meritorious Fraud Lawsuit

My initial discussion with prospective clients is without charge.

Defense of Mortgage Foreclosure Actions to Give Homeowner Time to Obtain 2 Benefits

Homeowners when threatened with the loss of their homes through foreclosure proceedings usually have defenses, monetary offsets or reductions in liability and/or counterclaims based on improper or illegal conduct of the lender, mortgage broker, appraiser and/or any mortgage servicing institution. Their activities often give rise to issues such as standing to sue, lender's liability, fraud and constructive knowledge of fraudulent broker or appraiser practices, for which the homeowner should make an issue by defending the foreclosure action. This will enable the homeowner or property owner to achieve a delay during which time the homeowner or property owner can have a chance at obtaining a modification agreement which the lender up to that point had refused to give or have a longer time in which to sell the property (not at a distress sale) to be able to take his/her equity out of the property, and to live in or rent the property during the period without paying the monthly payment to the lender. This should leave you with far more money than you need to defend the action, and allow you to build up a fund for use in settling the foreclosure action. You might be interested in looking at my YouTube video entitled "Stop Paying Your Mortgage!" [9:13] which explains why many homeowners have been getting the wrong advice - I believe many of them should stop paying their mortgage (in judicial foreclosure states) and invite a foreclosure action as a way of obtaining a modification agreement the lender otherwise refuses to give. See Stop Paying Your Mortgage! by Carl E. Person 9:13. Also, you should look at my YouTube video "Defend Foreclosure Actions! [5:16] which explains why you should defend a foreclosure action, and do so immediately, and now wait until the last minute. See Defend Foreclosure Actions!.

To discuss your problem on the telephone, please call me at 212-307-4444.

Attorney Carl E. Person
Office 212-307-4444
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Any Questions?

Here is how you can contact me: Office 212-307-4444
Cell 917-453-9376
Fax 212-307-0247

My c.v. (or resume): My updated c.v.

Here are links to three YouTube 1-hour interviews I've had with Harold Channer:

Carl E. Person and Harold Channer - Air Date 11-7-11

Carl E. Person and Harold Channer - Air date: 02-28-08 - CLICK ON IMAGE BELOW

Carl E. Person and Harold Channer - Air date: 05-15-08 - CLICK ON IMAGE BELOW

Harold Channer and I have had many interviews over the years (most recently in October, 2016) and many or most of these can be found on YouTube by searching for "Harold Channer Carl Person".

Discuss Representation with Attorney Carl E. Person

To discuss representation, you can contact me by phone 212-307-4444 or reach me by email

There will be no charge for the discussion.

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